About us

     About thirty five years after the birth of the Magic Eye tube occurred the birth of myself, so I did not get to see the debut of the magic eye nor the era on which it had impact.  My first encounter with the magic eye was at age twelve, and I believe that my fascination with the magic eye was an important factor that contributed to my interest in antique radios and even my career in electronics.  I must admit that I broke that first tube as a result of my curiosity and carelessness, but I still have the Magnavox console that contained it with a nice new 6U5.

     My name is Howard and I live in Randolph, Massachusetts about 10 miles south of Boston.  I launched magiceyetubes.com in January of 2001 and have since received great feedback from many wonderful readers that I am very thankful for.  The site has improved over the years, but still has a long way to go, so I hope you will visit again.  Be healthy, be creative, and keep those green eyes glowing!