Fada Radio Phono Combo

This Fada radio - phono combo needed minor cosmetic work when I first got it at a flea market.  During my last move, it took a tumble damaging the rear of the cabinet and the tone arm.  I was going to salvage for parts, but decided instead to cut off the damaged portion of the cabinet and removing the phonograph portion.

gluing the shortened cabinet together

I actually didn't realize how much veneer was going to rip off using the table saw; next time I'll be more careful.  A couple pieces of inlaid veneer strips fixed that.

getting ready for polyurethane

It's beginning to look like a radio again.

rear view

Fada Radio - it's the best I could do

Chassis back in place, and I'd call it a successful venture, not to mention that it fits on a small shelf now.