Fairbanks-Morse model 58T1 retrofitted with magic eye.

Fairbanks-Morse 58T1 as found

This set was in mediocre shape.  I looked at it and could picture a magic eye tube in the upper right corner of the set.

Chassis underside

I restored the chassis and tested my circuit.  I replaced the dial lamps with lower current ones and added three lamps to indicate band selection.

Cabinet restoration

I repaired some veneer chips and cut the holes for the magic eye and the band indicator lamps.

Inside case

I had to carve out part of the inside of the case for proper fit of the magic eye.

Fairbanks-Morse 58T1 with magic eye

the escutcheon was from an Amphenol 56-MEA8 kit, and resembled the style of the dial escutcheon.  I am happier with the new appearance of this set, despite the fact that it is no longer original.